Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Music Videos of my son... Karl Brian

Hi folks, I just want to share with you the music videos developed by my son Karl Brian. He is a very big fan of Manga cartoons and always followed up any new releases from One Piece, Naruto down to Bleach. But his first Anime Music Video was truly inspired by Full Metal Achemist.

And the second music video was inspired by the film Pirates of the Carribean (At World's End) at the Parley Scene.

Enjoy watching the show!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

At the end of the a new beginning!

Well, after my frustration with my group Manlalakbay I was still on my journey to connect with other musicians for possible group formation. I tried to join a group for commercial purposes and we initially had a meeting to lay out our repertoire and suggest songs mostly from oldies collection. But unfortunately, it still didn't worked due to conflict of schedules and economic priorities.

Meanwhile, I was browsing on the Internet and realize to login with my Chikka account hoping to connect again with my friends. And I found one, the contact number of my "kumpare" was still there. Immediately, I send a "Hello" message just to make sure that his contact number still exist. Bingo! He replied. And a new beginning was on the rise.

Back on my Malaria days, not that I am having a malaria but rather I worked of a Malaria control program (funded by AUSAid) as a community organizer for seven years (December 1995 - December 2002) in the province of Agusan del Sur, we had a band. It was then called as the "Big Bytes". But that time we argue if the name is "Big Bytes" or "Big Bites" because of our physical built. And we strongly agree to have it as "Big Bytes".

Six years after my malaria days, we are connected again. I truly thanked Chikka after all those years storing my data. Alisto! Big Bytes is alive again! Now we scheduled to have our first reunion jamming session after six long years.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter Sunday Show with Manlalakbay...

It was indeed a nice performance compared to Musikamulatan in terms of sound mixing and the venue. However, aesthetically, it was an overkill. The whole concept was totally changed to fit in additional songs and dances. Though, it was supposed to project for social awareness but it is overwhelmed with song choreographies and slide shows by a power point presentation and voice over. Ironically, every song has a choreography and a slide show which makes it more difficult for the audience to focus and to grasp the whole idea. It was also a little bit tiring because we had to perform twice at 3:30pm and 7pm. But we all managed to seal it to the very end together with the dancers. It was the youth choir who performed all the dancing moves on every song.

Two weeks before the slated show, I already told my band mates that I had to lay low for a while and "muni-muni". But that doesn't mean that Manlalakbay will stop its musical journey but rather continuously search for its identity in the alternative world of music. So it was expected that it was my last performance with the group. For this, we had to perform on our very best and most especially to really have fun.

There goes Musikamulatan...

It's over a month now since the Musikamulatan was launched at La Salle University, Ozamiz City duly performed by our group, Manlalakbay. From then on, I was organizing my thoughts about the output or the result of the performance itself against the expected outcome. From my point of view, technically, it is an utter failure. First and foremost, we prefer to use a sound system and amps which is totally new to us and the one handling the sound mixing is not a very well trained technician for this kind of job. In addition, the venue itself is not well suited for live performances, it has a poor sound acoustics. Though it is an Arts Center but it was not designed for such purpose. At first, I go over with the sound system of the university to check if it is capable handling such a tasks and found out that it has enough capability to deliver what we need but we have to rent a mixing console to fully centralize our output. But unfortunately, my suggestion to use that equipment was turn-down. My other band mates preferred to use other equipment from the other school.

At the concert proper, sound mixing was not properly tested due to lack of time and preparation. Therefore, with the best of my abilities and experiences in live performances, I honestly conclude that we sound very muddy. It was a performance which should not be proud of. But the show must go on until the very last song on our list.

And frankly speaking, previous band chemistry did not worked out. I was frustrated with its outcome but I had to move forward and seek for what I strongly believed.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Manlalakbay...Easter Sunday Variety Show

The Holy Cross Parish in Gango, Ozamiz City, Philippines will be launching a variety show during the Easter Sunday (March 23, 2008). It aimed primarily to enhance the talent and skills of the Holy Cross Youth Choir but interested individuals are very much welcome to join. Secondly, it need to raise funds to renovate the church since it was noted that there were too many columns inside. Then it was suggested to reduce the number of columns but without sacrificing its structural components. A structural engineer was consulted for these purpose but accordingly it need some money to realize it.

With this, Manlalakbay was invited to participate with the variety show as a double back up presentation. It is a combination of music and dance with additional talents of selected individuals. For now, Easter Sunday is past approaching and the youth was busy preparing the production together with the Manlalakbay. For the marketing component, the Parish Pastoral Council with its member organizations was tasked to help with regards to the selling of tickets and other sponsorships.

The Be-atles

The Be-atles
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Concert Streamer

Concert Streamer